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La Senda Verde est un refuge privé financé en majeur partie par les touristes qui s'y rendent avec la compagnie "Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking". Basée à la Paz, elle propose différentes balades sur un ou plusieurs jours à travers des paysages merveilleux. Sensations garanties...


Ci-dessous quelques informations en anglais trouvées sur leur site:


Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking is the original inventor of the "World s Most Dangerous Road" (also known as the "Death Road") ride in Bolivia, as well as pioneer in many other great downhill mountain bike rides around Bolivia.  We offer rides in Bolivia from one-day to two-weeks long, as well as multi-activity trips that include biking, hiking, mountaineering and much more.  We recently opened in Cusco, Peru to offer many more incredible downhill mountain bike rides for all levels of riders.


The world's most dangerous road: (Death Road)



  • Incredible scenic variety and a spectacular descent of more than 3,600m/11,800 feet, from snow-covered high-altitude plains and mountain ranges down to the steaming Amazonian Jungle. Part of the ride is on the dramatic and scenic "World s Most Dangerous Road," dubbed such by the Inter-American Development Bank in 1995, and locally known as "The Death Road" or "Camino de la muerte!".
  • 64kms (40 miles) of downhill riding with only a few small uphills and a couple of flat bits!
  • After the ride relax at La Senda Verde Cabins and Animal Refuge, complete with rescued monkeys, parrots, a snake, and much more.
  • Stay a night or three at La Senda Verde (camping or in cabins), enjoy the swimming pool and the river, return with us to La Paz the same day, or we can arrange to take you up to the quiet, sub-tropical jungle town of Coroico where you can find a wide variety of hotel accommodation.


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